Lisa’s Dog Grooming

Hi, my name is Lisa…I have been a dog groomer for over 30yrs now and have a wide range of knowledge with most aspects of dogs.

Taking your dog to the groomers is important, and we some times spot things a vet misses.

I am based in Harold Wood, Essex which is easy to get to from Romford, Hornchurch, and Upminster as well as Harold Hill.

I know some dogs are nervous, and so only work with one dog at a time, that way with just me and your dog it’s a calm and stress-free environment. If you know your dog doesn’t like to be groomed don’t feel you cant bring them to me just let me know beforehand its not a problem.

I take notes of all grooms, so I know what groom your dog has had, so I can either change or keep the same cut…as to your request.

I can collect and deliver your dog…a charge of £5 is made for this.

A groom will consist of…

This should take aprox 1hr 20 min

  •  A bath in a shampoo for your dogs skin type or hair condition.
  •  I dont use conditioner but can if requested
  •  Blaster and coat drying
  •  Clip as per request
  •  De matting
  •  Nails cut
  •  Ears cleaned
  •  Anal glands if requested
Phone: 07811 738 692
5 Hamilton Drive
Harold Wood, Essex, RM3 0UX