NEW SERVICE: I am now Kennel Club registered to micro chip your dog, the cost for this service is £15.

Hi my name is Lisa...I have been a dog groomer for over 20yrs now and have a wide range of knowledge with most aspects of dogs.

Taking your dog to the groomers is important, and we some times spot things a vet misses.

I work in my purpose built grooming parlour in Harold Wood, Essex which is easy to get to from Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster as well as Harold Hill.

I know some dogs are nervous, and so only work with one dog at a time, that way with just me and your dog its calm and stress free environment. If you know your dog doesn't like to be groomed dont feel you cant bring them to me just let me know before hand its not a problem.

I take notes of all grooms, so I know what groom your dog has had, so I can either change or keep the same cut...as to your request.

I can collect and deliver your dog...a charge of £5 is made for this.

A groom will consist of...

  • A bath in a shampoo for your dogs skin type or hair condition.
  • I dont use conditioner but can if requested.
  • Blaster and coat drying.
  • Clip as per request.
  • De matting.
  • Nails cut.
  • Ears cleaned.
  • Anal glands if requested.

This should take aprox 1hr 20 min